From initial garden design right through to fulfilment of your vision, our experienced team can bring their expertise to your requirements; be it full design, installation and continued maintenance, or bespoke services that leave you in full control of your own garden.

Our Services  


Fruits of Your Labour


We believe in understanding our clients’ needs and providing a service that leaves you in control.  We can provide full garden management plans, which assist in helping to keep your garden manageable throughout the year. You’ll get to see the full visual impact of your efforts all year round and derive maximum benefit from your outdoor space whatever the season.


Garden Maintenance


Even the keenest amateur gardener knows that keeping a garden well maintained is hard work!  Finding time to maintain your home landscape amidst family, health and work commitments can be a demanding and ongoing pressure – that’s where Roots, Shoots & Boots comes in!
Every garden we work with has an individual character and presents us with unique challenges. Our aim is to fully understand the way your garden works with the changing seasons so we can provide structured maintenance and advice throughout the year, as little or as often as you wish.  Whether it be weed suppression in beds and borders or the tending and pruning of established hedges, shrubs and trees, our qualified and knowledgeable team will work with you in ensuring your garden continues to provide maximum visual impact and pleasure.


Garden Design


We believe that a garden is an integral part of your home, and our aim is to make your outdoor space work for you, whatever your lifestyle. Whether it’s making a small garden workable for a busy family or developing a larger space to meet multiple needs, our team will dedicate themselves to understanding your requirements and making them a reality.  From traditional country gardens to contemporary urban spaces, we endeavour to bring our service and passion for creating a garden that will flourish within its natural climate and environment.  Either providing suitable planting for North facing gardens or maximising the potential of South facing plots, our team will bring their skills, understanding and advice to your design ideas and budget.




We provide a bespoke hard and soft landscaping service, from initial design, right through to the realisation of your garden vision.  We can fully manage each phase of the construction process, ensuring that your garden is tailored to your specific needs.  We work with a local, experienced and reliable landscaping team, who fully appreciate the individual requirements of different projects.  Creating a new garden or outdoor space can be demanding – by applying a personal Project Director to work with you and our landscapers, from initial design right through to fruition of the project, we ensure that your wishes are respected and met.


Mother Nature


We always work with the environment in mind, passionately looking for and applying environmentally friendly solutions to nature’s challenges! With an eco-friendly approach, we endeavour to utilise the tools that Mother Nature provides, therefore eliminating the need for pesticides and poisons.  Instead, we opt for natural products and preventative measures, in order to minimise the troublesome effects of bugs and diseases on your precious plant life. 
Working with the changing environment, seasons and local microclimates we seek to incorporate as many natural features as possible to maximise the health and potential of your garden; be it installing a small water feature, making suitable homes for wildlife (pests have natural predators!), a reduction in waste, DIY composting or by simply working with indigenous species of plants, we can assist in building your own personal ecosystem.
Mother Nature needs pollinators – let us help you in bringing the bees, the butterflies, the birds and local wildlife into your garden – the environment will thank you for it! 


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